NLP Practitioner Pre Study

Welcome to the NLP Practitioner Pre-Study. Here you can listen to the audio programme delivered by course trainer Kamran Bedi who explains the whole practitioner level in detail. This is a great way to learn about NLP before you take the live Practitioner training, or simply to listen to, to gain more NLP knowledge. 

The course introduces you to the various concepts, themes and interventions featured on the NLP practitioner including:

  • NLP Themes of cause & effect, perception is projection, mind body connection and responsibility for change.
  • How to coach clients and explore outcomes.
  • Anchoring states, collapsing negative anchored emotions, getting into state anywhere.
  • Submodality changes, fast interventions for quick changes. 
  • Timelines.
  • Logical levels of therapy.
  • Perceptual positions.
  • Reframing.
  • Parts Integration.
  • Eye patterns explained.
  • Representational systems.
  • Rapport building.
  • How to use langauge and more...

If you go ahead and book on to the whole course, the live training to then certify as a practitioner, you will have the cost of this course, deducted from your course fee.

  • This audio was so informative. I felt like I learned so much about NLP before the course actually happened. It's a great introduction to the themes covered.

    — A. Jassal
  • I often listen to this audio to refresh the learning that I experienced on the practitioner training with Kamran. It's a great resource to have.

    — Sally Davies
  • I listened to this on my commute to work and found it very interesting. I know other practitioners who have trained in theraputic techniques who have no pre or post study resources. This allowed me to get ahead of the game professionally.

    — Dan Woolf.

Experience the NLP Practitioner Course as an audio study.