How To Master Your Mindset

You know how you just can’t seem to escape your difficult thoughts, anxieties, worries and how you can just never get round to taking action to improving your state of mind…?....Well I have the option for you!

Join me for a 6 week Master Your Mindset programme to help you change and transform your personal inner world, to open you up to a new life. 

  •  Do you want to feel better in your life?
  •  Do you want to have more control over your thoughts and feelings?
  •  Do you want to feel limitless and not limited?
  •  Do you want all this and more for the cost of a single breakthrough coaching session with me? 

Yes that’s right, for around the same cost as one single breakthrough coaching session you get 6 weeks of coaching, unlimited access to all of the tutorials that you can use anywhere and anytime to help you think and feel better!

You will work week by week in your own time and own space through the course tutorials, audios and lessons. Each lesson takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete. I have made this course direct and straight to the point to help you easily fit it into your life. 

As a certified and experienced NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnotherapist, IEMT and Timeline Therapy practitioner and Mindfulness coach, I have years of experience of working with anxiety, stress, difficult thoughts, fears and feeling unfulfilled. 

Perhaps you read my section in Katie Pipers Book, 'Confidence: The Secret'? Well my own book 'Your Mind is Your Home' is due out on 10/10/18 world Mental Health Day 2018.

Week 1. How your mind works.

How long have you suffered personally for with difficult thoughts that are limiting you in your life, causing you anxiety, stress, a lack of confidence and more?

In this first week, you will learn:

  • How your mind works. Once understood this is powerful for any changes you can then make.
  • How to understand the 'set up' of your mind.
  • How to identify exactly how your own mind is working.
  • How to have clarity and focus over your goals.
  • How to feel motivated in developing a clear mindset for your goals.
  • Meditations and tutorials to help you re-wire your brain to feel more in control, aware and clear of your mind and your goals.

Week 2. How to feel calm anywhere.

Feeling out of control, stressed, panicked, low on energy, anxious, nervous and even fearful can be draining. 

In this second week, you will build on your newly found mind awareness as you now learn how to feel calm anywhere! 

We will:

  • Discover the power of breathing.
  • Learn how to reduce anxiety through breathing techniques.
  • Develop easy and natural calm techniques that you can activate anywhere.
  • Learn a breathing exercise that allows you to lift your energy levels.
  • Meditation and tutorials to help you improve how you feel, and to help you feel calm mentally and emotionally within yourself.

Week 3. How to control your thoughts.

What is going on in your mind? Is your mind overwhelming you and overpowering you with thoughts that you just can't turn off? Thoughts of the past, worries for the future, how valuable will it be for you to be able to stop those thoughts, be more present AND also for you to be able to deal with the difficult inner voices, chatter and sounds you experience within? Having layered a foundation in week 1 and 2, week 3 is very powerful!

In this third week, you will work on gaining control of your thoughts and internal world by:

  • Learning how to stop and change the thoughts that sit in your mind.
  • Learning how to take control of the sounds inside your head.
  • Improving the thoughts and mini-movies that play out in your head.
  • Removing any unwanted guests of other voices in your head.
  • Meditations and tutorials to help you feel and sound better inside your head. 

Week 4. How to think better to feel better.

Do you often feel emotionally low, challenged by your thoughts and worries of what is going on in your life? How would it be for you to know how to use your mind to feel better from learning how to use your mind for the better?

In this fourth week, you will look at simply yet powerfully training your mind to be more resourceful:

  • Feel good from your thoughts.
  • Develop habits that improve your emotions.
  • Discover the power of gratitude.
  • Learn how a simple ten minutes a day or less can change your mental and emotional state for the better.

Week 5. How to deal with anxiety.

Anxiety comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and can really kidnap you from living your life to the max. Those inner conversations, those difficult feelings and an over active mind by now will be feeling better from the previous months work, but now you get to really deal with your anxieties.

In week five you will:

  • Learn how to eradicate anxiety and reduce it down in your brain and in your nervous system.
  • Learn how to take control in any situation and in any space.
  • Feel more in control, less anxious and feel like the ‘old you again’.   Meditations and tutorials to help overcome your anxieties. 

Week 6. How to use your mind more powerfully.

You know when your mind is so overactive, yet you can’t switch off? Well we will have overcome that over the last five weeks! Now the focus is bringing it all together and allowing you to take control of your mind and your emotions by positively programming your mind for self-empowerment. Just imagine how good you can expect to feel with daily resources that let you feel great inside your mind and body which then shape and positively influence your life.

In week six you can expect to feel good by:

  • Developing a more positive inner voice.
  • Growing a powerful and positive thought manifesto personally for you.
  • Change how you think and feel for the better, with one single thought.
  • How to develop a place and space of comfort and safety in your mind.
  • Meditations and tutorials for positive living.






  • Kamran showed me how to use my mind so quickly. I now understand how to stop being so anxious and how to use mind. I feel like I have secret weapons that help me take control of my anxiety, instead of being controlled by my anxiety!! Thank you, Kamran.

    — Michelle Lee
  • I am so pleased with the results from my coaching with Kamran. All very enjoyable, informative and has given me the tools to continue. I really can't recommend the service enough. Kamran has made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident.

    — Lisa Marley
  • I couldn't believe how calm I felt after week 2 and how much more control I had over my thoughts and emotions. I am so happy.

    — Stella

How does this course work?

  • Each week you will be sent 2 lessons. 
  • One at the start of each week and one mid-week. 
  • You have the whole week to work through the lesson and techniques that are taught or the meditation that's provided.
  • There will be a tutorial/meditation around 10 mins long or less each week.
  • You may have some answers to fill in for me, for some questions that I ask, which are designed to coach you as you progress.
  • If you miss a lesson or a week, you can continue to work in your own time and own speed. You will continue to receive the next lessons week by week until you have access to the full six weeks and bonuses. 
  • You can work in your own time and at your own speed and you can repeat the course as many times as you want for no extra charge.
  • You will be emailed the lessons and content at the start of each week as well as some motivation throughout the week which will encourage you to stay on course!
Welcome to Master Your Mindset
Week 1. How your mind works.
Week 1. Discover the power of your mind.
Week 2. How to feel calm anywhere!
Week 2. How to feel more energised.
Week 3. How to control your thoughts.
Week 3. How to change any inner talk/sounds.
Week 4. How to think better to feel better.
Week 4. Your mind is your most powerful tool.
Week 5. How to cope with you anxiety!
Week 5. How to end anxiety.
Week 5. How to dissolve anxiety...
Week 5. How to move past anxiety anywhere and quickly.
Week 6. How to improve your state of mind and your life.
Week 6. Creating peace of mind for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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Don't miss out
6 weeks coaching at a very special low-cost

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