Kamran Bedi

Hi. Kamran Bedi here, great to meet you. Here you will find access to the various courses I have online that can help you experience a transformation for how your mind is working to enhance your life.

Anxiety Solutions

This online course offers you various tools and techniques that can allow you to improve how you think and feel. Dealing with stress, anxiety or overthinking requires daily action and these lessons will show you a variety of tools and techqniues that you can practice for a short time on a daily basis to improve how you think and feel.

NLP Practitioner Pre Study

If you are considering purchasing this pre study course, it will allow you to listen to the whoe NLP practitioner material. The course introduces you to the various concepts, themes and interventions featured on the NLP practitioner. If you go ahead and book on to the whole course, the live training to then certify as a practitioner, you will have the cost of this course, deducted from your course fee.

How To Master Your Mindset

You know how you just can’t seem to escape your difficult inner thoughts, your anxieties and worries and how you can just never get round to taking action to improving your state of mind…? Well I have the option for you! Join me for a 6-week Mindset Mastery programme to help you change and transform your personal inner world, to open you up to a new life. The skills you learn in 6 weeks can help with anxiety, stress, worry and more.....

More About Kamran Bedi

Hi I'm Kamran Bedi, a certified and experieinced Mind and Body coach. I specialise in anxiety using NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and IEMT (integral eye movement therapy). 

I have years of experience helping people move past the things that are holding them back in their lives physically, mentally and emotionally. It's a real joy to see individuals from all walks of life, all over the world living a more fulfilled and happy life. 

You can have a healthy and happy mind, that allows you to feel good in your body and about life. I will teach you and show you. 

I'm very active online promoting mind and body wellness, I have a few books that I am working on and I contributed to best-selling author Katie Piper's book, Confidence: The Secret, where I discuss peace of mind.